All parents worry about their children’s future. Most parents raise their children to the best of their ability, then release them out into the world, trusting they’ve become self-sufficient enough to gain independence and live successful, happy lives.

For parents of children with differences, planning for the future looks much different, as their kids are not going to magically stop needing support after they reach a certain chronological age. Once these children reach adulthood, their parents are faced with a daunting challenge – how to ensure their sons and daughters will have, to the best degree possible, what all parents want for their kids: safety, happiness, independence, meaning, belonging, and being known and loved for who they are.


PerspectAbility was formed when a small group of women joined the growing ranks of parents taking matters into their own hands. Their journey began by meeting for coffee to connect, confide in and support one another. It didn’t take long for them to realize they all shared the same hopes and dreams for their children.

Drawing upon their various backgrounds and experiences, they began to re-imagine what inclusivity can look like in communities and society; and they began to focus on ideas and solutions that allow neurodiverse adults to make choices, live as independently as possible, hold jobs, feel connected to their communities, and become participating members of society.

Our Founders: Celeste Michaud, Leslye Morse, Kelli Jensen, Karah Kinkead


The original founders spent over two years learning about the benefits and considerations of the wide variety of support options and housing models that exist and are emerging. They spent time touring residential options locally and nationally, attended conferences, participated in think tanks, and sought advice from pioneering leaders in the field.

Empowered by the knowledge gathered, as well as ongoing research, PerspectAbility is changing outcomes and raising the bar on dreams and expectations for the neurodiverse population.

We are committed to partnering with the Northwest Arkansas community to ensure it does not miss out on the important talents and contributions of its neurodiverse citizens; and to ensure Northwest Arkansas’ neurodiverse adults are included and thriving in all places and spaces within their community.


Any amount will help help make our vision a reality in Northwest Arkansas.