A two year live-in program, with an outcome-based curriculum designed for those that desire self-sufficiency outside of the family home. Upon completion of this program, participants will be encouraged to live wherever they choose. Continue to check for updates as we move into this next phase.


Generate continuing education opportunities with a focus on the individual’s choice of skills that will foster growth that meets the current and changing needs of those being served. Residents will have the opportunity to choose to learn new applicable skills to fit their goals. Continue to check back for updates.


A future inclusive neighborhood where residents have the option for permanency and access to resident controlled services to maximize their independence. Many innovative models have surfaced around the country in recent years, but NWA stakeholders and community members will be invited to provide input by way of focus groups to determine the best possible model for Northwest Arkansas. To support this next phase, click here.


One of our major philosophies is that decisions concerning neurodivergent individuals should be made with them. This is why it is within our future goals to form a committee of self-advocates. The formation of this committee will include an application process, information containing a description of expectations, and criteria of a good candidate. We will begin this phase tentatively Fall 2021.


It is within our philosophy to not only work toward the building and supporting of those that are neurodivergent, but also to model and educate the community on the potential barriers and needs. We are working on a community collaboration design that ultimately results in a holistic approach to true inclusion.


A regional attraction for the Northwest Arkansas community coming in Spring 2021 that provides an opportunity to employ neurodivergent adults while creating a social and educational platform for the community. All proceeds further the PerspectAbility vision for inclusion. We are currently seeking sponsorships and partnerships for next season, Spring 2022. Click here to help us continue to grow our farm!


Any amount will help help make our vision a reality in Northwest Arkansas.

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