Although the beautiful but brief spring window of Tulip Season has closed, PerspectAbility’s mission for inclusion does not end once the tulip tent is tucked away.  Summer often brings a new set of challenges for families with neurodivergent family members.  What will their teens and young adults do for entertainment once school is out?  How will they spend these next few months preparing for what independent adulthood, college, careers, or the next school year brings…and still find time to relax?  And how can PerspectAbility be there to support them?

As we continue to GROW, we’re branching further into the community where we already have roots. We’re creating year-round opportunities for our neurodiverse neighbors to socialize with their peers around shared interests while offering the independence to experience the events and attractions our region has to offer.

This weekend, we unleashed our inner geek and attended Bentonville Comic Con.  True Colors Farm employee Jaxon dressed as Peter Parker, the alter ego of Spider-Man from the iconic comic books and movies.  He did a fantastic job crafting his costume and entering the cosplay contest, and our executive director Natalie joined the fun dressed as 1980’s cartoon character Rainbow Brite.

Be sure to keep an eye on our events page for opportunities to join our neuro-inclusive outings around Northwest Arkansas, open for all to attend!  If you’re a local business owner who offers an interesting service or unique activity and would like to host a neurodiverse group of people, please get in touch with us to let us know.  We are building inclusive spaces, and we welcome you to join us in making NWA an even better place to live!